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Arkios Italy pays a great attention to the industrial value and uniqueness of their Customers.

Arkios Italy understands, creates, shows and communicates to selected investors the structure of the Operation in order to maximize the value: for the company and the entrepreneur.

• Full assistance, structuring of M&A operations, such as research of Investors, Buyers, JVs.
  Research and selection of Financial Investors (Private Equity Funds, Investment Holding) and Industrial Investors
  (Industrial players with synergies, Multinationals, etc.)

• Development of strategy in seeking Investors for Acquisition of Target.

  Development – together with Customers- of an effective and real strategy of M&A.
  Definition of how to maximize the enterprise value and how to structure of the operation, focusing on an
  adequate M&A strategy.

• Identification of Investors/Acquirers and Targets – Company Valuation

• Presentation to Investors, Business Due Diligence and Business Plan development

  Creation and prearrangement of all the information which are necessary to support the deal
  Economic, Financial, Strategic analysis, with market positioning analysis and a sound business plan definition
  Identification of the Investment Rationales and strengths & weaknesses of the operation

• Support to the Negotiation, Accounting Due Diligence, Legal Support, Tax Planning

  Constant support during the whole negotiation process by coordinating with the external due diligence.
  Legal, Fiscal, Administrative consultants are coordinating among them.

• Management of Financial Crisis phases, integration of a M&A strategy with the Bankruptcy
  Strategy definition, which complements the research of an Investor with the management of a bankruptcy